Calibration laboratory

As part of the continuous improvement of customer service, our company has established an Accredited Calibration Laboratory for the calibration and servicing of torque wrenches, rotary wrenches and torque sensors and standards. This service gains importance with increasing quality of production and the application of ISO standards when measuring instruments must be checked at regular intervals. We perform calibration of all types of torque wrenches (check, break, tilt, slip) and screwdrivers according to international standards.

Accredited calibration laboratory

On February 2, 2005, Certificate of Accreditation No. K064 was issued, whereby we became an accredited calibration laboratory reg. No. 185/K064 according to STN EN ISO/IEC 17025. This means that the results of calibration by our laboratory are comparable to the results of any accredited laboratory in the world.

The accreditation of a calibration laboratory binds the staff to comply and meet all accreditation criteria, ensuring high accuracy of measurement during calibration. For our clients this means that the requirements of the accreditation organs for high quality of calibration and measurement of torque wrenches and drivers in the accredited calibration laboratory are met.

Narimex, spol. s r.o. which offers its customers, among other things, a wide range of torque wrenches and industrial screwdrivers, has decided to meet the needs of its customers (owners of torque wrenches and screwdrivers) and has built a calibration laboratory for calibration of torque tools. Increasing requirements for the quality of measurements and requirements of our customers resulted in the company fitting out the calibration laboratory with calibration equipment complying with the SNAS accreditation criteria. Calibration of torque tools is performed using calibration equipment by RAHSOL, NORBAR and Schatz in the range from 0.04 Nm up to 4600 Nm. Calibration is carried out in compliance with the calibration procedures based on standard STN EN ISO 6789/2004 and in compliance with the issued MSA and EA documents.

Our staff was trained by our foreign partners in the field of design, setup and repairs of torque wrenches. Servicing is carried out on the basis of work procedures and drawing documentation from individual companies. Torque wrenches are setup within no more than one week at very favourable prices, charged only when the accuracy of the torque wrench after setup is within the tolerance specified for the particular torque wrench by STN EN ISO 6789/2004. The customer knows the delivery date and price of repair in advance.

The calibration laboratory was established in 1999 and equipped by RAHSOL measuring equipment. Gradually new measuring equipment was added and the measuring range was expanded. The calibration laboratory is located in air-conditioned room, where all prescribed measurement conditions are complied with.

Good cooperation with foreign vendors has resulted in the decision to establish accredited calibration laboratory and meet the requirements of our customers, offering quality and reliable torque wrenches and drivers as well as support in the form of servicing, follow-up measurements and calibration in our calibration laboratory.


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